Allen Industrial Supply

We have all the nuts, bolts and fasteners to meet all your needs.

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Allen Industrial Supply

What's holding you up from finishing your job? Nine times out of ten, it's that you need a certain nut, bolt or fastener, and you don't have it.

Don't worry.

Allen Industrial Supply

We are fully stocked in stainless, metrics and standard materials.



Welcome to Allen Industrial Supply

Allen Industrial Supply is the best Los Angeles source for industrial fasteners. After 50 years in the business, we are well known for solving our customer’s problems. Allen Industrial sells both industrial and commercial nuts, bolts, fasteners, cutting tools, cutting fluids, drills, and pretty much everything else connected with putting things together. We are fully stocked in the highest quality stainless, metrics and standard materials. Almost all of our supplies and materials are 100% U.S. made and its right here on-site in our store and warehouse.



Free Delivery

Want it delivered within a 20-mile radius?
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No Minimum Purchase

Need just one bolt?
We’ll sell it to you.
(Some other guys want you to buy a box of 100.)


Customer Service

Don’t know the size or type you need?
Come in &  we’ll do measurements for you.

We are 100% focused on serving you.

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