The nuts and bolts of getting what you need

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Sometimes, life is pretty simple: you just need what you need, and you need it when you need it. And somebody should help you get it.

That’s what we try to do every day: give people what they need.

You ever been in this situation? Needing a certain nut or bolt or other fastener – in a certain metric size, or in stainless, or who knows what – and you can’t get any help at the local jumbo-sized big-box hardware store? And you’re exhausted from wasting time and money horsing around looking for, say, a threaded nut for a number eight bolt?

Come see us. We’ve got it. And if we don’t have it (and odds are we do), we’ll get it. Pronto.

Don’t know what you need? We’ll measure for you. Bring in the bolt or the nut or what-have-you, and we’ll tell you what you need, and again, we probably have it.

At Allen Industrial, we sell both industrial and commercial bolts, nuts, fasteners, cutting tools, cutting fluids, drills, and pretty much everything else connected with putting things together. All of our supplies and materials are of the highest quality and it’s right here on-site in our store location and warehouse.

We’ve got the nut or bolt or fastener you need, when you need it. (Now!)

And we are 100% focused on serving you. Service should always be that simple. With us, it is.

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